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How To Blur Any Object In YouTube Video

Blur Any Object In YouTubeToday, I will teach you that “How to Blur any object in YouTube video in Urdu and Hindi language”.  I create this video to give you the best use of YouTube video. After watching this video you can enable to blur any object in YouTube video very easily.  Today, everyone knows the YouTube. YouTube is one of most popular site in the world. Almost millions of peoples use it. This tutorial give you complete understanding on blurring any object in YouTube video step by step with no step skip. 

In this we do not need any software. We directly use the blurring option in YouTube video. It is very simple and easy way to blur some object in YouTube videos.

Step to blur any object:

              The steps to blurring any object in the YouTube video which is given below:

  • Open the YouTube page.
  • Click on my channel which is given on the life side of YouTube.
  • Open the Video manager on YouTube. After click on video manager. You can see your upload video on screen.
  • Click any one video to blur any object in the video.
  • Click on edit button under the video.
  • After click on edit, head to Enhancement tab along the top. Then click blurring effect tab on the right side of the page. In blurring effect you see a two option custom blurring and blurring face. In blurring face we can only blur the face in the video. And in custom blurring we blur any object in the video.
  • The custom blurring tool will automatically blur that object as it move throughout the video.
  • After click on edited button to start selecting portion of the video.
  • Click and drag to create a blurring box.
  • Selection tool are appear on your screen and mark you blurring object.
  • Once you have added the required blurring effect in your video, click on the done button to apply the process.

The selection tool is very useful and it helps to blur any object in video. You select the object in video to blurring this tool automatically search this object in whole video and blur the object where it exists in the video.

Page information:
Blur Any Object In YouTube   gives you most of knowledge about YouTube video, and most of other relative things. After watching this video, you will enable to do blur any object in you YouTube video. I do my best to tell you about blur object in video. If you can face any problem you can visit my website and also Email us we are available 24 hours.  And tell your problem. I hope that I give you the best way of solution of your problem.

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 How To Blur Any Object In Videos From YouTube

→   Enjoy your Blurring object in YouTube video


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