How To Create A WordPress WebSite in Urdu

Create A WordPress WebSite

We will show you “how to create a word press website in Urdu”. You know very well about website and also word press. Now we teach you to create word press websites. . We will be using Word Press to build your website and in just a couple of hours you will have a complete website that looks revolutionary! Millions of people in the world use website. This tutorial give you complete understanding on Word Press website with step by step with no step skip.

Create A WordPress WebSite

Websites provides us easy ways of communication between buyers and seller and allows customer to give quick and feedback any aspect of the business. Website helps us to improve our business. Websites is very important to create business and  publicity for your business. And also you have ability to change your information. Anyone form any country able to access you and therefore be a potential customer. Build repeat business with your customer by providing consistent and relevant information.

Create A WordPress WebSite

Advantages of websites:

There are few advantages given below:

  • A website provides an visual presentation
  • A website can be found through search engine.
  • A website is interactive.
  • A website saves in printing and milling cost
  • A website improve customer relation

Uses of word press:

There are many uses of word press which is given below:

  • Word pres is easy to setup manage and update.
  • Word press is good for your blog and your website.
  • Word press uses incredible theme styles to make your site beautiful.
  • Word press goes responsive for mobile web browser.
  • Word press sites are eye-catching.


  • Website Tour
  • What is a Responsive Theme
  • Video Overview
  • Hosting Overview
  • Domain Name Overview
  • Word Press Overview
  • Theme Overview
  • Create Website Overview

Create A WordPress WebSite

Today in the whole world, websites gives us the information about education, business and most of other       things. Today websites is most useful thing. And I sure in next coming days website is necessary for every person and every one create website. And today millions of peoples search on Google to get information. This video is very help to you to get most of other information.  Watch this video and get information about word press website and create you own word press website.

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Onlineurdututor.com gives you most of knowledge about Word Press, and most of other relative things. After watching this video, you will enable to create Word Press websites. I do my best to tell you about Word Press websites. If you can face any problem you can visit my website and also Email us we are available 24 hours.  And you tell your problem. I hope that I give you the best way of solution of your problem. Thanks for watching my video, I hope our videos are very informative and useful to you, subscribe to our Newsletter to get more updates and information from us, subscribe our YouTube channel and also like our Facebook page. If you like this video you can comment on it. Thanks for visiting my website.

How To Create A WordPress WebSite in Urdu

How To Create A WordPress WebSite in Urdu Part 1

How To Create A WordPress WebSite in Urdu Part 2

How To Create A WordPress WebSite in Urdu Part 3

→   Enjoy your word press website


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