How to Share Your Google Analytics Report With Anyone

If you would like to share GoogleAnalytics reports with clients or others without sharing access to your account, please read here.
GoogleAnalytics Sharing data is not that difficult.
Today I will introduce two ways to share GoogleAnalytics data/reports with anyone who needs them without allowing access to Google Analytics.
Before that, let’s answer some frequently asked questions for sharing GoogleAnalytics reports.

Why you need to share your Google Analytics dashboard with others

After starting the blog, I worked on various sites.
In 2016, I sold one of my blogs. Before purchasing the website, the buyer requested to share his Google Analytics report. What do you think about it? Did I give my Google Analytics access to a stranger?

I didn’t want to pay attention to my GoogleAnalytics dashboard and grant him access.
So I did a lot of research and found a way to share my analytics data without giving him access to my GoogleAnalytics account.

That’s not the only reason why you can’t help but share data from GoogleAnalytics with others.
For a variety of reasons, it may be necessary to share analytics data or event tracking reports with clients and website partners. Even if you want to sell areas of your website for advertising, sometimes you need to share your website traffic data with your customers.
There are more than just back types to actually share Google Analytics reports.
This article talks about two methods.
The first is the easiest way to use the WordPress plugin.
The second is to use Google Analytics itself.

Method 1

MonsterInsights is the best GoogleAnalytics plugin to manage your GoogleAnalytics reports directly from your WordPress dashboard.

MonsterInsights is a powerful GoogleAnalytics plugin with an interface for very beginners. If you’re not very familiar with the conventional GoogleAnalytics hard interface, you should try it.
Online Urdu Tutor is using MonsterInsights from scratch. This will save you a lot of time and all your custom reports will be searchable directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Read our detailed MonsterInsights review to see all the features of MonsterInsights and how to use them.
Now get a 50% discount on Monster Insights! With MonsterInsights, you can easily share your Google Analytics data with your customers and others in a variety of ways.

Weekly reports can be shared to clients by email.

To do this, first get MonsterInsights here. Install and activate the plugin on the
wp site.

From here, go to your WordPress dashboard, scroll down to the MonsterInsights section and go to Insights » Settings » Advanced.

In the “EmailSummeries” section, you have 5 options to email your GoogleAnalytics reports.

You can export and share GoogleAnalytics reports as PDFs. If you are using MonsterInsights, you can export GoogleAnalytics reports in PDF format directly from your WordPress dashboard. Just navigate to the report you want to export and click Export.

Gorgeous and accurate GoogleAnalytics reports displayed. I like this feature because it is very simple and very fast.

Can you share access to GoogleAnalytics using MonsterInsights?

Yes, of course you can. To add a user role to Google Analytics using Monster Insights, go to Insights »Settings» Advanced »Permission.

Here you have all the options to grant a user role in Google Analytics.
Therefore Monster Insights allows you to share Google Analytics reports using the methods above without granting permissions.

Method 2

This method uses GoogleAnalytics directly. Sign in to your Google Analytics account and then go to User Management in the Properties section.

Look right. There is a “+” icon. Click here.
Google Analytics Dashboard
Click “Add New User”.
Here you need to invite the client to display GoogleAnalytics reports by providing the client’s email.
When adding users you need to select “Read & Analyze” Don’t forget, you also need to uncheck other options like Administrator etc.


MonsterInsights allows you to get all Google Analytics reports directly from your WordPress dashboard, so we recommend using the first method.

You can also easily share Google Analytics reports with anyone.

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