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MonsterInsights Review: Is it the best?

We’ll talk about one of the best and most popular Google Analytics plugins for WordPress in this MonsterInsights Review. The plugin has over two million active installs and over 35 million downloads.  What exactly is MonsterInsights, though?

This plugin, officially known as MonsterInsights’ Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress, guides you through the process of adding, tweaking, and managing Google analytics. The plugin integrates Google site monitoring services directly into your WordPress dashboard, making site tracking easier and faster.

Analytical tools are crucial for figuring out what’s going on.

Review: MonsterInsights

What is Monsterinsights?

The finest WordPress analytics plugin for managing and tracking Google Analytics data is MonsterInsights. You can have a look at it even if you aren’t an expert in Google Analytics.

Do you recall Yoast’s Google Analytics plugin? Yes, that is it. The Yoast team founded MonsterInsights (No1. SEO plugin company).

It is now hosted by Sayed Balkhi, a well-known blogger and the founder of WpBeginner.

The nicest part about MonsterInsights is that it automatically imports your Google Analytics data into your WordPress dashboard.

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, It imports all of your website analytics data into your WordPress dashboard in the simplest method possible. Many well-known blogs use it as well.

Why Should You Use MonsterInsights?

Have you ever wished you had more information on your visitors? With Google Analytics, a terrific tool that delivers crucial data about your visitors, you may undoubtedly gain significant insights. It can, however, be scary for consumers who aren’t used to seeing those metrics. Furthermore, it is tough to know where to begin and how to properly utilize this essential data.

MonsterInsights assists by delivering all of this critical analytics data in one place. It streamlines the process by only displaying information that is relevant to you as the website owner and ignoring the rest. It contains various tabs that deliver the appropriate information for each question you ask.


Enable Google Analytics Tracking Without Writing A Single Code

Normally, you’d have to submit a tracking code to add Google Analytics tracking to a WordPress website. Because you’ll be tinkering with your site’s coding, you’ll need some technical know-how.

If you use MonsterInsights, however, this is not the case.

It’s the most effective WordPress plugin for installing Google Analytics on your site. Anyone may add analytics tracking to their website using its setup wizard without having to alter code or engage a professional.

Fast and Easy Installation and Setup

Setting up Google analytics on your website, especially for novices, can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Regardless of your technical expertise, MonsterInsights can help you do this in less than five minutes.

User- Friendly Dashboard

While MonsterInsights makes connecting your site to Google Analytics a breeze, it also allows you to view statistics from within your WordPress dashboard.

You may view Google Analytics reports without leaving your website using its dashboard reports. Each report is meticulously created so that users can quickly grasp the information and apply it to their business.

View Real Time Stats

Do you want to know how many people are currently using your website?

The real-time report is one of the MonsterInsights reports that indicates the number of active visitors on a website at any one time. The report is also available in the WordPress admin area.

How to Use MonsterInsights Plugin

After you’ve made your purchase, go to the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard and install the plugin.

Go to WordPress dashboard>Plugins>Add new if you just want to try out the MonsterInsights free plugin. Install and activate the MonsterInsights Google Analytics for WordPress plugin.

After you’ve activated the plugin, you’ll see a new option called Insights. Here you’ll find all of the reports and configuration choices.
In my upcoming piece, I’ll provide a full user guide for MonsterInsights.

Google Analytics vs MonsterInsights

You can’t increase your WordPress SEO until you have access to your website’s analytics data.

Without an analytics report, how can you tell if your website is ranking well on Google? You’ll need a Google analytics plugin regardless of what WordPress themes or plugins you’re using to see extensive statistics on your site visitors and how they’re doing.

You must, without a doubt, have the Google Analytics report. However, if you are new to Google Analytics, you will find it difficult to comprehend the Google Analytics Critical Interface.

For a beginner, Google Analytics isn’t user-friendly enough. Even some specialists avoid it because it is a time-consuming method. So, the MonsterInsights has arrived.

Final Verdict

In this MonsterInsights review, we looked at some of the plugin’s most impressive features. If you have enough money to acquire the Pro version, we believe it is currently the finest Google Analytics for WordPress plugin on the market, as the Free version is a little too limited and may not fulfill all of your demands.

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