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How to Set Facebook Pages Auto Reply Messaging System

Today, I will teach you that “How to Set Facebook Pages Auto Reply Messaging System in Urdu and Hindi language”. This tutorial gives you complete understanding on Set Facebook Pages Auto Reply Messaging System step with no step skip. 

Today all most whole world use Facebook and enjoy it. And there are many advantage and also disadvantages. You can see pic and news about the whole world.  You can talk your friends, family and relative live anywhere in the world. Facebook is the network which spends all most in whole world.

Uses of Facebook Page:

There are many Uses of Facebook Page which given below:

  1. You can post a photographs and video.
  2. You can communicate with one another by using message.
  3. You can share some Video and photographs.
  4. You can share your experience.
  5. You can make steam live video.
  6. You can comments on your post.
  7. You can send your Email address to help the people find it.
  8. You can create the Event about your birthday and some other special occasion.
  9. You can view your page as a visitor.
  10. You can publish your page.

Step to Set Facebook Pages Auto Reply Messaging:

Facebook Pages Auto Reply Messaging System

There are few steps to set Facebook Pages auto reply messaging which given below:

  • Open your Facebook.
  • Click on page setting which is given on top of the page.
  • Next, ensure that you have Message enable for your page. Look for message then click on edit.
  • Tick the box to allow the people Contact you page, click Save change.
  • You will now to able to see Messaging on left sidebar click on it.
  • Go to install Replied section and tick on turn on instant reply.
  • Pen your message and click save.

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How To Set FB Pages Auto Reply Messaging System In Urdu

→ Enjoy your Set Facebook Pages Auto Reply Messaging System

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