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WhatsApp New Update For Fake News & Links

WhatsApp New Updates

WhatsApp New Update For Fake News

While instant messaging apps like WhatsApp have completely changed the way we communicate, it has also brought in a wide array of new generation issues. Sharing content is easy and a lot of people are trying to exploit this ease by spreading suspicious content that is hard to differentiate.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has begun testing the new feature as part of beta version 2.18.204 for Android. The new feature will help users identify suspicious links shared within the platform while allowing the messaging app to automatically detect whether the link that a user receives is fake or spam. The Suspicious Link Detection feature is reportedly in its testing stage.


If WhatsApp finds the link to be malicious, it adds a label called “suspicious link”. The link will come with a warning that reads, “This link contains usual characters. It may be trying to appear as another site. When the Whatsapp user attempts to open this link, then another alert will be shown, informing that the link has originated from a suspicious source

The feature appears to be part of WhatsApp’s efforts to address the issue of fake messages on its platform that have reportedly led to mob lynchings and mob beatings in India. IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asked WhatsApp to take measures to control the spread of fake news via its platform. Hence, WhatsApp is now testing a new ‘Suspicious Link Detection’ feature which will help users identify if a message they have received is fake or not. Whenever any such link is shared which is originating from a spam and fake news website, then a red color warning label will be attached along with the link.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp told that it was educating users to identify fake news as well as considering changes to the service with a public beta test in the works, that was working towards labeling any forwarded message.

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