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Whatsapp Number Feature Is Launched For Android Ois Users

The Popular Messaging app WhatsApp has been trying to improve its application for quite a while and in its link, WhatsApp has launched a new feature in its beta version! Under which now whenever the user changes his number, all his information will go into all the contact list that the user has changed his number! With this feature, you can set what kind of contact you want to give to a new number of information!

Whatsapp new change number feature:

According to this, when someone has a new number and wants to change WhatsApp to a new number, then he can transfer his data to his new number through the change number feature! The user’s chat history is also safe, and WhatsApp notifies everyone that its new number has changed.

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Now WhatsApp has decided to improve its number change system and added many new features to it

How to get this new change number feature:

To get this big update, you need to update your WhatsApp and update the beta version by visiting the Play Store! After updating you will get this feature and you can take advantage of it!

After updating, you have to go to your WhatsApp setting> account and enter your old number and change the new number, then WhatsApp will ask you what kind of contact you want to give this new number to the photo below Can see!


After the migration, all old chats and messages will be migrated to the recipient’s phone and there will be a new option in chat which will show you a bubble which will tell you that the user has changed the new number!

Note: this feature for windows and ios user is coming soon!

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